Program Overview

The Investment Ready Program is a unique 5-month peer-learning program that consists of 12 program days leading up to an investor forum, supported by mentors, speakers, content experts, associates and powerful business tools.

A cohort of 10 to 14 selected participants engage in a systematic review of their business strategy, model and team, before crafting a validated growth and investment plan.

Our program focuses on proof-of-concept stage ventures (revenue-generating; initial track record). We do not take equity in all participants. Instead, the top performer will enter directly into conversation with a committed impact investor.

Not the program committee, but the participants themselves are the “investment committee” that decide who will be the “winner”. They reach their decision through ranking each other on 20+ investment criteria. This peer-ranking model (which we have applied before) generates an intensive learning process: participants commit to fully transparent peer-reviewing, engage in a continuous feedback cycle, and develop deep understanding of their fellow entrepreneurs’ businesses.

Altogether, the program teaches participants to “look through the lens of the investor”, seeing the perspectives that they will encounter during the investment process later on, allowing them to integrate the most important input along the way.

All participants pitch their strategy and plan at the final investor forum for which we selectively invite purpose-driven investors and funds. We also enable a series of follow-up pitching opportunities in The Netherlands and abroad. It is our goal that at least 50% of participants achieve their fundraising target through our connections and hit or exceed their growth objectives 12 to 24 months after the program.

Our track record:

  • Editions: 3
  • Scouting: 600+ ventures scouted
  • Applications: 150 approved
  • Participants: 32 selected in 3 editions
  • Support: 60+ hours pro bono support per participant by program partners
  • From: all over the Netherlands
  • Mentoring: 2500 hours of support by 15 highly skilled and experienced mentors
  • Investment raised to date by participants: €5.000.000+
  • Network: 150+ impact investors, intermediates and venture capitalists


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